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With this program you can organize as many appointments as you wish, and your computer will show you a reminding
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9 November 2012

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All of us would agree that our chaotic schedules and fast paced lifestyles are increasingly making us more forgetful and impatient that often takes a toll on our personal lives and commitments that skip our memory. May be that is precisely the reason that our new age mobile phones have multiple features to set reminders and create ‘to-do’ lists that help us in remembering important dates and events that can be of prime importance in terms of maintaining professional and personal relations. Nowadays, computer based applications have also come up that make it simple for us to keep a track of our meetings, schedules, birthdays and anniversaries easily and Personal Calendar 2.00 falls in the same category and works as a great personal manager. Personal Calendar opens with a neatly arranged interface with the main options placed at the top pane and the main screen displaying the tasks listed as per date and time, name and message enclosed in it. The light background and clutter free design make the navigation of the interface extremely easy. With this program the user can organize several appointments at a time and the PC would display a reminding message automatically for the user. Furthermore, the user can select a specific time for the reminder and another special feature is execution of a particular file along with the reminding message. The file can have any connection with the reminder that can induce the user in remembering the date effectively. This light program can run smoothly in the background and requires very few system resources to run.

To sum up, Personal Calendar 2.00 certainly earns respectable rankings for its effective working and wide approach that keeps ample amount of information saved and hence scores a rating of four and half points.

Publisher's description

Let us be honest: Do we not all forget important dates and appointments from time to time? Meeting friends, doctor's appointments, visit relatives, sports training, birthdays, weddings ... there are so many things to organize and it is not always easy to keep best overview. This can be so much easier with Personal Calendar. With this program you can organize as many appointments as you wish, and your computer will show you a reminding message automatically. 4 kinds of entries are available. Reminding for one time may be one of the most used, but also reminding options like on a special day of the month, on a special day of the week or each x days or weeks are very useful features that make reminding much more effective than before. Independent from the kind of entry you can also determine a special reminding time in hours, minutes and seconds. Another nice option is that you can execute any file you want together with the reminding message. This could be your personal calculation file that you want to fill in each Friday, this could be a music file when you want to visit a concert or a photograph of your nephew on his birthday. There is no limit how to use this option! This program requires only very few system resources and runs nearly unrecognizable in the background. Anyway, whenever you need it you can always execute it from the systray icon at the right bottom of the screen. The data base is based on SQLite, so you can additionally organize your data with many other SQLite programs. Concentrate on the really important things in your life and let Personal Calendar do the annoying work of organizing appointments for you! Features: Enter, edit or remove your appointments, changes are saved automatically / Overview window for all dates you entered / Screen to enter your appointments with name of entry, reminding message and day of reminding / Editable path to save the contact data base to other places / Printing feature / History file / Sorting Personal Calendar Personal Calendar
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